You have built a GREAT APP and now you want it on the Play Store!!

We will PUBLISH it for you for FREE - but there are conditions.

It takes us Time to do the work so we will only do it for FREE for Apps that we consider of a certain QUALITY.
One of the important Quality criteria is Apps that YOU have put some serious effort into.If it does not qualify for any reason, then it will cost you AU$20 for our effort.
If you feel you have a QUALITY app, then contact us and we will let you know as soon as possible.

Because it takes time, it's important to get things right - any later changes to your design will require a fee to re-publish it.


The Play Store requires a few things from you:
  • An icon and a larger image that displays in the store.
  • A description of what the app is about.
  • An assurance that the app does not contain any material against their policies.
  • Categorization of the app.
The app will belong to you, so it is your responsibility. Google requires that it does Not contain: Sexually Explicit content. Child endangerment material. Violence. Bullying or Harrassment. Hate speech. Insensitivity to natural and other disasters. Gambling. Illegal Activity of any kind.
If we observe any activity that may impact on our ability to publish, then we reserve the right to "unpublish" your app.
If Google refuses to allow publication of your app because it falls outside of their requirements, or for any other reason, then we are not liable, and any legal or other consequences are your responsibility. Proceeding with this process is acknowledgment that you have read this paragraph.

For Mii App, if you do not provide the required images, then your app will default to these below, with the addition of your app title.
If you provide your own images and they must be the exact dimensions required, or these defaults will still be used.

Large 512x512 (png only) icon
used in Playstore
Large feature graphic 1024x500 png (no alpha) used in Playstore

Example with app title:

To create these images we used free software Button Shop 4 to make the "buttons" and then a paint program such as GIMP to add the text.

The Name of your app on the Play Store will be the Title that you have supplied. So for example if its your name - "Fred Bloggs" - that will be the name of the app. (note: This name is not the same as the "Appname" used internally on this site to allow you to edit your content. Read the FAQ.
If you provide no short or long description, then the contents of your Introductory text will be used in full or modified form.